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From the Vaults...

Hey....Another Spooky one!   I've never seen this one before???  What's with the Voodoo Cross?


I LOVE his Eyes, Teeth, & Tongue!!!

I love this picture of Shannon and Jared...

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Spooky ... yeah, to say the least ... Has the man confused the photographer with his dentist or what? LoL All in all these pics make me wanna bring out the hose and give them a thorough cleaning. :))))))

All these pictures are gorgeous, but the one with the cross on his forehead is creepy o_o
He looks scared in it or something, shocked(?) :P

I have no idea what was up with the cross on Jared's forehead?? He does have his "deer in the headlights" look on in that one, though! He can throw you a pretty good WTF look at you! LOL I had just thrown it in because I had never seen it before.

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