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Jared & his Snuggie Rock Fashion Week in New York City on Feb. 12, 2011

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It just amazes me that he looks good in ANYTHING!

Do you know who is the guy sitting next to Jared? Is he a designer?
And did you see the guy possessively holding a shoulder of his girlfriend? Like he is afraid that she is going to fall for Jared's charm or something *lol*

I know, he has that little bit of stubble going on, I like the levis shirt, the cross he has been wearing lately, and his stripped fingerless gloves, what a combination! He wore those fingerless things last year! I think he pulls it off the whole look! I don't know who the guy next to him is? Kinda looks like PeeWee Herman...I know it's not, but favors him! And...yes, I did notice how the other guy has his arm around the girl, I thought the SAME thing!!! haha...He SHOULD be afraid...VERY afraid, she probably INSISTED on sitting next to Jared!!

Well, I'll be damned! I think I saw Jared on the news! There was a short clip about a fashion show - I was ironing and didn't pay attention well enough - but then they showed some designer and a guy talking to him that did look strikingly like Jared with his porky hairdo. I leaned all the way over the iron board to be able to see better, but the spot was over before I got a real close look and then I though *Nah, the hair of that guy was too long and aren't the guys still on tour some place?* But now that I look at those pics I'm 99% positive that was Jared.
Now that's a relief. I was afraid I start seeing him everywhere these days ... LOL

I like the snuggie - and his untied shoes and granny's self-knitted gloves and only he can show up like that at a fashion show and get away with it. LOL
I mean, who's the guy sitting next to him in that ugly checked suit and the cowboy boots? Wonder if they park horses at valet parking, too. Jeez ... LoL

Well, I guesss the guy next to him is some broadway actor named Alan Cumming, I never heard of him?!! Yeah, I saw that brief clip of him, it is posted on Jared Leto Online...the GStar interview

Alan Cumming ... never heard of the guy, but you can't possibly look any more British than that. LOL Looks like the Sherlock Holmes style is in again ...

That wasn't the clip I saw. The interview was inside. It was darker. Jared was mostly shown from the side and there was a micro in the middle between him and I don't know whom and they only showed the name of the other guy, which I think was a designer. Gimme a name and I might recognize it. Anyway, after seeing these pics I'm 100% certain I did see Jared on the news and wasn't hallucinating. Pfffff ... :)))

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