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Jared & his Snuggie Rock Fashion Week in New York City on Feb. 12, 2011

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Well, I guesss the guy next to him is some broadway actor named Alan Cumming, I never heard of him?!! Yeah, I saw that brief clip of him, it is posted on Jared Leto Online...the GStar interview

Alan Cumming ... never heard of the guy, but you can't possibly look any more British than that. LOL Looks like the Sherlock Holmes style is in again ...

That wasn't the clip I saw. The interview was inside. It was darker. Jared was mostly shown from the side and there was a micro in the middle between him and I don't know whom and they only showed the name of the other guy, which I think was a designer. Gimme a name and I might recognize it. Anyway, after seeing these pics I'm 100% certain I did see Jared on the news and wasn't hallucinating. Pfffff ... :)))

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