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Jared's New TATS
FRESH TATS...Pic taken the day he got them done...

Okay...so he got 3 new tattoos...2 Triads and "Provehito In Altum" across his right shoulder under the collarbone (not readable in the 2nd pic, but confirmed at the Chicago show that it says that) What do you think???

I like the PIA the best, but want to see a better pic of it!

Looks like PIA is in block letters...

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Not bad - I'd prefer that the triads were a bit smaller, but that was his choice, so I have nothing to say on that. I'd love to see the PiA up close - wonder if it's block print or script?

I agree, I think they are a bit LARGE also! Why two and in an ODD place? I think one Triad would have looked better on the inside of the arm that has the glyph tattoo. But, you know Jared....Just Different! haha I wonder what lettering the PIA is in also?

Three more? If he keeps it up like that, he's gonna look like a notice-board on legs soon. LoL A little scribble here, a symbol there ... Hope he doesn't run out of space as skinny as he is once again. Could have numbers on each single rib tattooed these days. :)
Personally I don't like the triads or the silly arrows on his legs, but that's totally his choice and he does look happy with them and that's all that matters.

I guess you are right!! I agree though, don't care for the triads or the arrows, yet you never see the arrows as he always wears pants!

LOVE your IKON PIC....Beautiful Eyes!!

Personally I like the tribal tats of Colin and Shan on their shoulders. That's the kind of tattoo I find cool for a guy and they would have been about enough, since they are quite big already. The scibbled thing on Colin's chest sucks and the huge cross thing that meant to cover something else does, too. But that's his choice, of course.
Just like the Letos plaster their bodies with all of those Mars symbols now. Instead of choosing one nice one, so people recognize it instantly as the symbol of 30STM, they had to have a whole bunch which are going everywhere now. Where's the recognition value in that? Never got it. But then I don't have to, because I'm not one of the Echolon and never will be and I sure as hell am not gonna run about with triads or whatever. And those arrows ... *giggles* He looks like a cargo box with those things. This side up LoL No wonder he keeps them covered all the time.

Thanks. I love that picture, although I think you chose one of the most spectacular ones for your own icon there as well. I liked his hair back then, too. I so wish he would get the long bangs back. Like in *Beautiful lie* or in *Lord of War*. Wow, that looked cool.

Edited at 2011-06-09 07:16 am (UTC)

ARROWS->Cargo Box "This Side UP" ROFL .... Yeah, BE sure to stand Jay up the right way!!! I always thought they were pointing up toward his "nice ass"!

He probably would have long bangs if he would not blow dry them straight up in the air and put hair product in his hair to make it stand straight up!! His hair is getting longer, if he would let it dry naturally or just not style it the way he does now! I never liked it the way he is wearing it now. He'll change it before too long, I'm sure!

I don't think his *nice ass* needs tats to be pointed out. I sort of have the feeling people noticed by now without them ... LoL

Yeah, looks like the porky look is making a reappearance. He had that for quite a long time end of 2009/early 2010 and I got soooooooo tired of it. But I'm very careful with what I wish for these days. Back then, when I almost prayed for another look my prayer was answered alright, but it ended with the Marshawk!! So things got definitely much WORSE than the porcupine, that's why I'm waiting and hoping all quietly now. LoL I just hope I'll be in this fandom long enough to see a look on him I LIKE just once. He had all the cool ones I love before I even knew who the man is. Ever since I joined the fandom all I got to see was the porky, the punk with a various colour dyed mohawk, Draco Malfoy, a smurf and now the porky again. ROFL. I can feel sorry for myself by rights here, don't you think?
So, if you could choose - which look would you want back? Or any new ideas that may look cool he hasn't thought of yet (unlikely ...xD).

Well, I posted a journal entry for you with my FAVORITE LOOKS...hair wise!!! HE does have a *nice ass* that is certain!! He would look fine now....if he would just leave his hair be and not poof it up!! lol....he is such a girl!

And a cool entry it is. :-) I'll go back there to comment later, as soon as I've got time to catch up with all the entries and stories and comments, but loooong holiday weekends are the pest. No time for LJ fun at all unless you do it at 0:45 at nights!

If he was *such a girl* he would let his hair down, for crying out loud. LoL I almost dread what's gonna happen next, if we nag too much, but I'm so tired of that porky look. Like you I hated it in 2009 already and now it's back! Why does he have the most stupid look twice, while we all wait for one or the other to return so badly? Just not the 'hawk!! Pleeeeaaase. :))

Edited at 2011-06-12 10:47 pm (UTC)

I added the Hat Pic with the fresh Tats taken the day he got the tattoos done...

Looks *outch*. :-) Good thing it's a b/w pic - he doesn't look too happy there. There's nothing worse than what people inflict on themselves, as they say. hehehe

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