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Jared's New TATS
FRESH TATS...Pic taken the day he got them done...

Okay...so he got 3 new tattoos...2 Triads and "Provehito In Altum" across his right shoulder under the collarbone (not readable in the 2nd pic, but confirmed at the Chicago show that it says that) What do you think???

I like the PIA the best, but want to see a better pic of it!

Looks like PIA is in block letters...

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And a cool entry it is. :-) I'll go back there to comment later, as soon as I've got time to catch up with all the entries and stories and comments, but loooong holiday weekends are the pest. No time for LJ fun at all unless you do it at 0:45 at nights!

If he was *such a girl* he would let his hair down, for crying out loud. LoL I almost dread what's gonna happen next, if we nag too much, but I'm so tired of that porky look. Like you I hated it in 2009 already and now it's back! Why does he have the most stupid look twice, while we all wait for one or the other to return so badly? Just not the 'hawk!! Pleeeeaaase. :))

Edited at 2011-06-12 10:47 pm (UTC)

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