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How should Jared wear his Hair???
THIS would be NICE....not all styled, just natural...


Everyone LOVED the black w/RED tips:



Finally...HURRICANE Hair!

JUST NOT DragonBall Z Hair!


REPEAT of PHAI hair for Jun & Tariel

Tariel's 2nd Choice: Lord of War/ABL Hair...

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Thanks for checking on my LJ. I don't know what the story was. I was on my netbook and I use to enter my LJ from my email account to get to the comments and entries I want to reply to directly. The first two attempts I got the warning that I may get a virus if I continue, the third time I tried it was suddenly okay again. I have no idea what that was and I had no problem whatsoever on my laptop. Beats me! I'll just ignore it, for the problem has evaporated all by itself, so why bother? *shrugs shoulders*

Well, unless he cuts his hair again there's till hope that he'll come to his senses and NOT puff is up anymore one of these days, but wear it hanging into his face like in the good old days. LOL

Beautiful pics!! Thanks for adding them! I've got more than 100 different shots from that premiere and I can't get enough of those pics. Each one of them is just gorgeous! *sighs* Can't we get that look back?

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