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RAYON....Jared on set of Dallas Buyers Club
 A few notes:  Jared says he is a "Natural born heel wearer"  LOL   He had his eyebrows waxed off for the part.  He is down to 120 pounds and says he is low on energy.  You can see his arrow tattoos in the one pic of the back of his legs.   Emma is behind him in the tan shirt, he has on the black dress, Emma is his PA.  Jennifer Garner plays the Doctor in the movie and she is in the other pic of with him in the black dress.  I think they are hoping to release the movie in the late fall of 2013 if possible.  It should be a really good movie.  

JaredsNew Girl
Arrow Tatts

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I know, he is looking pretty sickly. He won an award for Artifact last night in NYC and he looked pretty horrid. Hair slicked back, no eyebrows, Terry Richardson eyeglasses! UGH His speech was really nice, though, he thanked his mom and Emma. His voice sounded really trashed, I don't know if he is sick or what.

No, I haven't seen it, but I can imagine. He looks nothing but sick, weak and pale in these pics already. Those hollow cheeks are scary, the legs are just sticks and every rib is showing. Once more he is pushing his body to the limit for a role. But eventually filming is gonna be over and he will hopefully return to his old self. Thin self - not walking skeleton. Buuut - the beard is gone. LoL And the hair is still there, so I'm not complaining toooooo much. :-)Does he wear his hair open at all these days? I don't like it slicked back, but let's not go into the 'hairy desaster' all over again. :-)

He wears it slicked back most of the time now. YUCK, I hate it that way. I would like it much better worn down. He looked awful at the awards show. He asked at the Vyrt chat the other day if he should cut his hair? I hope he does not, unless, of course, might be better than the "slick back"!

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