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RAYON....Jared on set of Dallas Buyers Club
 A few notes:  Jared says he is a "Natural born heel wearer"  LOL   He had his eyebrows waxed off for the part.  He is down to 120 pounds and says he is low on energy.  You can see his arrow tattoos in the one pic of the back of his legs.   Emma is behind him in the tan shirt, he has on the black dress, Emma is his PA.  Jennifer Garner plays the Doctor in the movie and she is in the other pic of with him in the black dress.  I think they are hoping to release the movie in the late fall of 2013 if possible.  It should be a really good movie.  

JaredsNew Girl
Arrow Tatts

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He's a bit jaundiced, which is why he looked orange around the mouth - I've noticed that before on him when he's been particularly thin even for him. It was sweet him thanking his mom and Emma, but he lost track of what he was going to say a couple of times - really made me worry for him. That and sort of apologizing for winning over "Beasts of the Southeern Wild", which was nice, but he said it twice.

I got a VyRT ticket - I've seen all of them - how lucky you were at Mars300! I've never seen them live because of some health issues and worry that I'd get my ultra-sensitive feet stepped on (Diabetic nerve disease). So seeing Mars300 was as close as I'll probably get to a live show.

Emma deserves sainthood for working with Jared as long as she has - imagine the "good stuff" she knows that we'll never find out! :)

Yes, I noticed he seemed to jump thoughts quickly. And he really seemed to feel bad for winning over Beasts! YES, Emma does deserve sainthood!! I'd love to have her job, though! Do you think she has to hold his pee pee for him when he goes to the bathroom?? HA!

The VYRT300 was the BEST show I've ever seen live, also. I did see the Vyrt as a friend loaded it and sent it to me so I could see the Vyrt too. I saw it from way up in the balcony, but was in the pit the night before, on Dec. 6th, on White Night. That was crazy, but I don't blame you with your feet, I would be leary too! Want to keep them safe! I also saw Mars from the pit in Columbus, Kent, and Pittsburgh. But, NYC was the best show. Columbus, I had a spot right dead center in front of Jared, that show was awesome also. ALL the shows were good. He was sick at the Kent show, so it was not as good as the other ones.

I just saw where some guy, Bradford Cox (Atlas Sound frontman), was cast to play Jared's love interest in Dallas Buyers Club. I never heard of the guy, but, he is god awful skinny and homely looking! Wish they would have cast someone HOT!

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