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30STM IN Pittsburgh

Saw 30 Seconds To Mars in Pittsburgh last night, just a few hours ago.  They were amazing as usual.  I saw them for the first time in Kent on Oct. 8th, a few weeks ago.  Both shows I got to be on the barricade, in front of Shannon.  This show I was a little closer to Jared, because the stage was smaller.   Both shows opened with Escape & A Beautiful Lie, and NO NOTH, BUMMER!  But, Jared's voice was definitely better at this show.  They had been up all night shooting the Hurricane video in New York City when they did the Kent show and Jared said he sounded like a cow in Kent and the show was only an hour long.  Pittsburgh was definitely longer and his voice sounded great.  They played,  Escape, Beautiful Lie, Kings & Queens, This Is War, 100 Suns, Hurricane, Vox Populi, Search & Destroy, Closer To The Edge, Revenge, Alibi, L490, The Kill & The Fantasy.  Not sure I have the order right, but I think I have all the songs.  They did The Fantasy last and it was REALLY AWESOME.  It is really STRANGE when they do Kings & Queens as the 2nd song, and EVERYONE crowd surfs OVER your head and kills you to get on stage....  When Jared did The Kill, he came right to the left of us and he screamed right in my face!  It was GREAT!  He stood to the left of us the whole time!  Kept shoving the mike in our faces!  He was so close, I could see the top of his underwear peaking out of his tight little skinny jeans!   After the show, Jared came out by the buses and signed things for people and I got him to sign my ticket stub (well he scribbled on it, I wouldn't call it a signature!)  But, that is what I really wanted to get, was him to sign something!  He didn't come out after the Kent show.  When he came out, he had changed into a big plain white tee shirt and he had black sunglasses tucked down the front of his shirt?  Why would he have sunglasses tucked in the front of his tee shirt at 10:30 at night?   Unless someone just gave them to him?  The people at the Cincinnati show said he would not sign anything the night before.  Also, when he first came out, at the beginning of the line, he was just talking to people and not signing things either.  He just signed things when he got to the end of the line right before he got on the bus.  AND...I was happy he did NOT wear his MAN SKIRT!  Like he wore in Cleveland and Cincinnati.  It must have been dirty!  All in all....GOOD SHOW....although I STILL want to hear NIGHT of THE HUNTER live!  I got squished MORE this show than at Kent and there was more crowd surfing at this show too.  People were climbing over our heads all night!  Shannon threw a drum stick right at us and none of us caught it, so we about kill each other going for the floor to pick it up, but I didn't get it.....My friend Kelsey wants me to go to the Columbus show with her.....but I'd have to take off 2 days work for that one!   Oh yeah,  When Tomo came out, they asked him if Jared was coming back out, he said NO WAY, he was busy editing the Hurricane video working with 5 editors and 5 laptops, said he NEVER STOPS WORKING....

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