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Jared's Spooky Blue Eyes for Tariel!
Ok...The first one is the original picture and the second one is the Photoshopped one!!

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I went to the Edmonton, Calgary and Vancouver shows in September when Mars FINALLY returned to Western Canada after 4 years. It was the 1st time I'd seen them and it was a fucking blast - on the barricade for 2 of the 3 shows, in the mosh pit for the other one. Did the meet'n'greet in my old hometown of Vancouver, British Columbia. Actually, myself and another mars fan bumped into Shannon, Tomo & Jared a few blocks away from the venue. They were just walking down the street completely casual. We didn't pounce on them or act like fangurlz but we walked a ways beside them, chatted then parted. Jared was quiet other than his usual "Thus is such a beautiful city". Tomo and Shan were a little more conversational. All in all it was really memorable :D
Just such a beautiful pic of him - I'm guessing from S/T era.

Wow...I saw them for the first time too in Oct/Nov...three times too...on the barricade 2 times, Kent, OH and Pittsburgh, PA and the third time in Columbus, OH. I was right in front of Jared 2nd row! When I was on the barricade, I was in front of Shannon both times. That is so cool to run into them on the street like that!! Jared came out after the Pittsburgh show and I did get him to sign my ticket stub.

I really like this pic of him too...It is from the S/T era, no doubt!! He looks so young in it!! His eyes look SO BLUE!

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